Power Your Home With the Sun

Use solar energy and save in more ways than one!


With a solid heritage in pioneering new industries, Kempston Renewable Energy is your best long term partner in the solar energy industry. Born out of a demand for alternative energy, we are geared to provide energy solutions to both commercial and residential clients.

We have a comprehensive range of solar power products, from simple backup systems, grid-tied systems, to complete off-grid solutions.

Kempston Renewable Energy – The Bright Solution

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We offer specially designed solar installations for companies. No more worries about load shedding or work on…

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Kempston Renewable Energy offers a great package to take your home off the grid and onto the solar panels.

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Water Heating

Heat your water with the sun. With a solar collector panel, a small pump, and a timer, we’ll power your old geyser with the sun.

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